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Work in Patient Testing as a Sonographer with a Quick Healthcare Degree
Patient-testing is an important part of patient care. One form of patient testing is through ultrasound imaging, and after a quick healthcare degree, you can work as a Sonographer, helping to diagnose patients' illnesses and diseases, as well as bring the joy of seeing a baby for the first time to a pregnant woman.  


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What is a Sonographer?
  A Sonographer, also known as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer or an Ultrasound Technician, is someone who performs ultrasounds. They use special equipment that uses sound waves to create internal images of the body.

The most common use of ultrasounds is in gynecology offices during women's prenatal appointments. However, ultrasounds can also be used to diagnose patients with heart and vascular diseases, to look for abdominal problems, as well as other uses.

The average income for a Sonographer ranges between $45,000 and $65,000 annually.
How can I become a Sonographer?
  To become a Sonographer, you can earn a quick healthcare degree through a technical or vocational school, or through a hospital. You may also choose to earn a two-year or four-year degree at a college or university.

You are not required to be licensed to work as a Sonographer, but many employers prefer to hire people who have been licensed through certifying organizations.
What are the benefits and drawbacks of a career as a Sonographer?
  One benefit of working as a Sonographer is that after a quick healthcare degree, you are directly involved in patient care. By taking the ultrasound images, you can help diagnose diseases, or help ensure that a woman's baby is healthy and growing properly during pregnancy.

One drawback of a career as a Sonographer is that if you want to branch out to another area of healthcare, such as nursing, you will need more education and training. You can move up as a Sonographer to a manager or supervisor position, but by having training only as a Sonographer, you are limited in what you can do.
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