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A Quick Healthcare Degree as a Personal Fitness Trainer Helps You Keep People Healthy
One way to get into the healthcare field is to help other people get and stay healthy. Preventative care, such as an exercise program, can be key to keeping people out of the hospital. By earning your quick healthcare degree as a Personal Fitness Trainer, you can be instrumental in getting and keeping people healthy.  


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What is a Personal Fitness Trainer?
  A Personal Fitness Trainer is someone who works with people to help them develop and maintain an exercise program, keeps them motivated, and even participates in the exercise with them to make sure they're staying healthy and safe as they exercise.

Some Personal Fitness Trainers work with people who want to improve their overall health and weight, while others work with clients recovering from injuries or surgery to help them gain back strength or muscle control.

As a Personal Fitness Trainer, you can have a variety of specialties depending on your interests in fitness and exercise. For example, if you're passionate about martial arts or boxing, you can incorporate that into the fitness routines you develop for clients.

Because of the nature of the job, most Personal Fitness Trainers work in a gym setting. This can be through a hospital or clinic, but is often through a gym or independently. Some Personal Fitness Trainers also go to clients' homes to work with them.

Understandably, a typical day for a Personal Fitness Trainer is very active. By exercising with clients and demonstrating proper techniques, you will need to be physically fit yourself in order to keep up with your clients. In addition, it sets a good example to them if you're physically fit and healthy.

On average, a Personal Fitness Trainer earns between $30,000 and $40,000 annually, but this can vary greatly depending on whether you work with a company or independently, as well as your experience and certification.
How do I become a Personal Fitness Trainer?
  Usually, if you want to become a Personal Fitness Trainer it's because you're already fit and healthy, and you want to help others do the same.

If you want to make a career of helping people get healthy, you'll need to earn a quick healthcare degree toward certification. Depending on your area, this may mean courses in different types of exercise, as well as kinesiology or anatomy to help you understand better how the body works. You may also need courses in nutrition to help clients develop a healthy diet.

The requirements will depend on where you want to work. For example, a hospital may require a Bachelor's degree in a health field, while a local gym may only require a state certification.
What are the benefits and drawbacks of a career as a Personal Fitness Trainer?
  One of the benefits of a career as a Personal Fitness Trainer is the wide variety it offers. You can specialize in many different forms of fitness from martial arts to yoga to weight training, among others. You can use your interests to build a career, which makes it much more likely you'll love what you do when you start working.

One of the drawbacks of a career as a Personal Fitness Trainer is that the career can be dependent on your own personal fitness. Since you'll need to work with clients and demonstrate exercises and techniques, an injury could mean you're out of work until you recover.
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