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Administrative Tasks get Done with a Quick Healthcare Degree and a Career as a Medical Assistant
Like it or not, medical offices have administrative duties, as well. Beyond patient care, there are phones to be answered, charts to be filed, and appointments to be set. In order to help medical offices run smoothly with these administrative tasks, you can earn a quick healthcare degree and work as a Medical Assistant.  


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What is a Medical Assistant?
  A Medical Assistant is someone who performs clinical and/or administrative tasks in a medical office. They are essential to the smooth operation of a medical office. Specific responsibilities vary, but can include taking patients' vital signs and medical histories, setting appointments, and answering phones. How much or little a Medical Assistant does often depends on the size of the office.

A Medical Assistant earns between $20,000 and $35,000 annually, on average.
How can I become a Medical Assistant?
  Often there is no formal education required to become a Medical Assistant, however, you can earn a quick healthcare degree as a Medical Assistant through a one- or two-year training program. Most offices provide on-the-job training.
What are the benefits and drawbacks of a career as a Medical Assistant?
  One benefit of a career as a Medical Assistant is that since many of the responsibilities are clerical, people who want to work in the healthcare field but have a fear of needles, or who don't do well around blood, can still help patients.

A drawback of a career as a Medical Assistant is that, without further education, you are likely to stay in a more administrative role. You can move up to a position such as office manager, but without further training or education, your role in patient care is very limited.
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