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Staying on Top of Your Nursing Student Loans
Having debt can be scary, especially nursing student loans. You may worry that you'll lose track of your repayment schedule, that something will change and affect how much you pay, or that your situation will change and you won't be able to make your payments. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to help you stay on top of your student loans so you won't worry and can concentrate on your education.  


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Keep careful records.
  Keeping track of your loan information, interest, payments, and terms is vital to staying on top of your nursing student loans. Your financial institution is keeping careful records of your loans, but you should, as well. That way, you have quick access to anything you need to know including when and how much your last payment was, when your loan should be paid in full, and the exact terms of your nursing student loans. This is also helpful in case your financial institution says you've missed a payment or that you owe more than you paid. You can look in your own files to confirm what they're saying, or use your records to dispute it.  
Ask questions.
  If there's something you don't understand, especially if any changes have been made, be sure to talk to your financial aid adviser about it. Sometimes the information the financial institution gives you gives all the details you need, but words it in a way that's hard to follow. They have to use specific language to cover the necessary information, but unless you know a lot about nursing student loans or financial aid, you may not fully understand what is being explained. Anytime you get information about your nursing student loans, read it carefully, then ask your financial aid adviser to explain it to you. It's part of their job to make sure you know exactly what's expected of you, so don't be embarrassed about asking lots of questions.  
Be honest with your financial institution instead of just skipping payments.
  Sometimes things happen that you can't plan for. If you lose your job, have to withdraw from school, have a family emergency, or something else that may keep you from paying your bills, talk to your financial institution about it. They may be able to work something out with you to keep everyone happy until you can get back on track with your payments. Some people, for example, are able to defer their nursing student loans for a short time until they can make regular payments again. However, you do have to talk to them about it. By simply ignoring your bills and not making payments, you'll just get yourself into more trouble in the long run.

Having nursing student loans doesn't have to be overwhelming. With just a few easy steps you can make sure you know everything you need to know, have quick access to all your paperwork, and even if your situation changes, you can stay on top of your loans and stay on the path to your nursing career.
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