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How To Find a NLN Accredited Program
Once you decide to go into a nursing program, you're probably excited about finding the perfect program for you and getting started in your classes right away. However, as you're looking through brochures and course catalogs, it's important to remember to find a program that is NLN accredited. NLN accreditation simply means that the nursing program has been evaluated by the National League for Nursing and has met their academic and medical standards. It's a way for nursing programs to be held accountable for what they teach their students, and how. Finding an accredited program means it will be easier for you to further your education later, you'll be able to be sure you'll be prepared for your nursing career, and it can make you more attractive to potential employers. There are a few things you can do to find an NLN accredited program.  


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Use nursing education resources
  You can also look at all programs first, then find which ones are listed as NLN accredited within their literature. Since this is an important aspect of nursing programs, it should be pretty easy to find out.  
Use NLN resources
  The NLN keeps records of what programs are accredited. You can use those resources to start your search for a nursing program. This may save you time if you only look at programs that are NLN accredited, rather than looking at all programs, then eliminating the ones that don't have NLN accreditation.  
Be upfront with the staff at the nursing programs
  As you talk to the faculty and staff at different nursing programs, ask them if the program is NLN accredited. This is something that will be common knowledge in the program, and asking someone about it can give you more information than simply looking in a brochure for the accreditation.  
Be sure about NLN accreditation before you enroll in the program
  Finding out about NLN accreditation should be on your list when researching programs along with what courses are offered, how much tuition is, and any other preliminary information that's important to you. Don't wait to find out about the program's accreditation status until after you've enrolled or started classes. If it turns out the program is not accredited, you can cause more problems for yourself than you need to.

Finding an NLN accredited nursing program is easier than you think. With the many resources available to students, both in person and online, you can find out about your program's accreditation status even before you enroll. And by asking one extra question up front, you can be sure that you start your nursing career off on the right foot.
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