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Why I Want to Be A Doctor
As you go through high school and college, you probably get a lot of people asking what you want to do with your life. And once you decide, the questions don't stop. When you decide, for example, that you want to be a doctor, people start asking you why. They want to know what it is about that career path that draws you in, and you may find yourself at a loss for explaining “why I want to be a doctor” over and over again. Do any of these reasons sound like you?  


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To help people get healthy
  Helping people is a common reason people give when explaining why they want to be doctors. By working in the medical field, especially as a doctor, you are responsible for the diagnosis and care of your patients. The work you do directly impacts their health, and your goal is to help people get healthy. This can be incredibly rewarding, and is often considered a noble calling.  
Because I'm interested in science
  There's no question that science is a big part of education for a doctor. And for someone who's gifted in the sciences, pursuing a career as a doctor might make perfect sense. Doctors use the sciences they learn—especially biology and physiology—in their work every day. They have to know human anatomy, psychology, chemistry, and a variety of other sciences to help them diagnose and treat patients. For someone who loves science, this would be a fun way to spend their work day. For you, responding to “why I want to be a doctor” may be as simple as “I like science.”  
To meet different kinds of people every day
  One thing that can be said about the career of a doctor is that it isn't boring, especially for those who work in a hospital setting. Different people come in and out every day, and doctors get to meet a wide variety of people during every shift. People from all backgrounds can get sick, and doctors get the opportunity to treat all of them. This goes along with wanting to help people, as well. Not only do doctors get to meet a lot of different people, they get to help them get healthy.

Individuals have their own reasons for wanting to be doctors, and the reasons are as different as the people who go to medical school. Helping people, being interested in science, and meeting a variety of different people are just three reasons people may have.

If you had to write an essay responding to “why I want to be a doctor,” what would your response be? What part of being a doctor is most important to you?
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