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Get a Quick Healthcare Degree as a Phlebotomist
One way to start working in the healthcare field right away is with a quick healthcare degree as a phlebotomist. Phlebotomists are often necessary to make sure that the diagnosis and treatment of patients goes smoothly, and the career offers hands-on experience from day one.  


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What is a Phlebotomist?
  A phlebotomist is someone who draws blood from patients for lab work and procedures in a medical setting. Most phlebotomists work through labs and hospitals, but some clinics are large enough to hire staff trained for this position, as well.

The type of work varies depending on where, specifically, you work. For example, if you work in a lab, your work day may be much less hectic than if you draw blood for a hospital emergency room.

The average national compensation for a Phlebotomist is between $20,000 and $30,000 annually.
How can I become a Phlebotomist?
  Becoming a phlebotomist is quite easy. With a high school diploma or GED, you can take a course at a technical or vocational school to learn phlebotomy. With this quick healthcare degree, you can jump right into the healthcare field.

Since the certification focuses on drawing blood rather than a range of skills and knowledge, it is a quick healthcare degree that can get you working right away.
What are the benefits and drawbacks of a career in Phlebotomy?
  One benefit of a career as a phlebotomist is that you get hands-on experience working with patients in the healthcare field. You will learn what it's like to work in a hospital, clinic, or lab, which will help you decide if a career in healthcare is for you.

One drawback of a career in phlebotomy is that promotions are limited without further education. It is a quick healthcare degree to start work, but if you want to move into a different field, such as nursing care, you will need additional education.
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