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Why I Want to be a Healthcare Professional
If you have been looking at different career options, one question that probably comes to mind a lot is “Why would I want to do that?” Looking at the classified ads or in college course catalogs, you have to know that your reasons for pursuing a particular career path are the right ones for you. A career as a healthcare professional is no different. Just as you have to know why you choose a certain college or even your favorite song, knowing why you want to be a healthcare professional is an important part of choosing your career path.  


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To work directly with patients
  Healthcare professionals usually work directly with their patients to diagnose illnesses and diseases, set out plans for treatments, and follow-up to ensure that their health is improving. There's no question that you have contact with patients every day. If you're considering going into the medical field to work with people, then pursuing a career as a healthcare professional is definitely one way to do that. Unless you work in a research lab setting, you'll have the opportunity to meet with patients every day.  
To work with a team to help treat patients
  The majority of healthcare professionals don't work on their own, but have a team of other doctors, nurses, and staff they work with to help their patients. They have to rely on their teams to help them with the patients, even if it's something as simple as a receptionist getting an accurate medical history. This can be a big draw for people to work as healthcare professionals. You know there are people you can count on to help you work with the patients, and you know that, at the end of the day, it was a team effort that got the job done.  
To stay on the cutting-edge of medical technology and treatments
  By working as a healthcare professional, you have to be sure that you're up-to-date on tests, diagnoses, and treatments in the medical field. As technology advances, medical care improves, and you have to stay educated on the best ways to treat patients. For those who like learning about technology, reading about advancements and developments in medical care, and want to know about what the next new thing is, working as a healthcare professional can be rewarding. You have to keep up with the changes to stay current in your work.

A career as a healthcare professional can be very rewarding. From working with patients every day to working with a team of other professionals to provide the best care and learning about the latest advancements in medical technology and treatment, there are lots of reasons people go into the healthcare field. And as long as your reasons make sense to you, you'll be among the lucky few who truly love their jobs.
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