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Help Cancer Patients Get Treatments with a Quick Healthcare Degree as a Chemotherapy Technician
Working with cancer patients can be very rewarding. Knowing that you're helping patients with their treatments means knowing you could be lengthening or even saving their lives. Fortunately, it can be easy to start working on patients' treatments. All you need is a quick healthcare degree as a Chemotherapy Technician.  


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What are the benefits and drawbacks of a career as a Chemotherapy Technician?
  One benefit of a career as a Chemotherapy Technician is that you get to work directly with the medicines that treat cancer. Lots of people go into the healthcare field and want to know that they won't just be doing paperwork. By working as a Chemotherapy Technician, you'll know that what you're doing at work every day has a direct impact on patients' treatments.

One drawback of a career as a Chemotherapy Technician is that there is little room for advancement without further training or education. The skills and knowledge needed to be a Chemotherapy Technician are specialized and don't necessarily transfer to another career. So in order to move up in the healthcare field, you may need to go back to school or look for something slightly different.
What is a Chemotherapy Technician?
  A Chemotherapy Technician is someone who is trained to mix patients' drugs that destroy cancer cells in the body. They help pharmacists prepare the drug solutions, as well as general duties in the pharmacy area such as cleaning, labeling bottles, stocking shelves, and filling out patient charts.

Chemotherapy Technicians work in pharmacy settings. They can work in hospitals or cancer centers with pharmacies, and usually work a typical 40-hour week.

The average annual income of a Chemotherapy Technician is between $30,000 and $40,000.
How do I become a Chemotherapy Technician?
  You can earn a quick healthcare degree to become a Chemotherapy Technician in about a year. There are programs available that are for Chemotherapy Technicians, but many people take a general training course for pharmacy technicians, which teaches the skills needed for Chemotherapy Technicians.

To be licensed as a Chemotherapy Technician, you do have to take and pass an exam offered by a certification board.

Some people use their training as a Chemotherapy Technician as a stepping-stone to becoming a pharmacist. Working as a Chemotherapy Technician first gets you into the pharmacy field with just a quick healthcare degree, and gets you direct experience for branching out later.
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